The Community
Safety Platform

Collecting and storing customer information safely can be challenging.
This has been made even more apparent by the requirements placed
upon many businesses by the COVID-19 pandemic – and the need to
do so in order to comply with governmental Track & Trace schemes.

Track & trace solution for
safeguarding the community

Enable your customers
to check themselves in
to specific locations

QR Code based entry/exit method

Safeguarding the community from COVID-19 with a simple
QR Code based entry/exit method to monitor venue
attendance and rapidly track COVID-19 outbreaks

A secure record of visitors

By providing a QR code upon entry and exit of a location,
keep a secure record of visitors, utilising handsfree data
sharing & eliminating the need for pens and paper.

Ease the logistical & data protection challenges

Enable your customers to check in to specific locations
while making it transparent what information is being
collected, for which purpose – and how long it will be held.

Contact Tracing

Health & Safety and Site Visitor Logs, Fire Safety and Roll Calls



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St Peter Port,